Life Between Two Worlds: My Journey from Phnom Penh to Beverly Hills

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Cambodian Woman, Victim of Rape, Sex Trafficking, Abuse, Writes A Harrowing, Compelling Real Life Story In Book LIFE BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, Journeying To America To Overcome Extreme Adversity And Become A Legal U.S. Citizen With A Thriving Beverly Hills Business




Beverly Hills, CA – – “I can, I will, and I did.” This was and is the mantra of Monika Tep, a former international print model and now a very successful Beverly Hills businesswoman, who, through perseverance overcame incredible hardship, and circumstances in Cambodia to pull herself up and make it to America where she became a legal citizen, fell in love and now heads a very popular spa in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.  


Monika hopes her true life story will serve as a model, a blueprint for others facing what seems impossible odds, roadblocks to a better life even if he or she is about to abandon any hope. “After reading Life Between Two Worlds, my readers will see how to be able to defeat adversity and finds the ways to make a happy life.”








“Everyone has faced the problem of wanting to give up, especially during times of hardship. I will show my readers how to overcome this problem by staying persistent and keeping love in your heart,” Monika emphasizes.  “My book will show my readers the importance of being appreciative, why you should never waste what you can share, the power of forgiveness, and how to turn tragedy into triumph.

About Monika Tep

Monika was born in Cambodia. She grew up fatherless and poverty-stricken. As a child she was responsible for gathering food for her family. During adolescence, Monika’s life wasn’t any easier as she suffered through physical and emotional abuse from her mother.

As she grew into a young girl, Monika experienced the horror of being raped and then sold by a man into the sex slave trade. She broke free of these unimaginable, horrible circumstances and made her way to America, where she learned English and became a legal U.S. citizen.

When not busy overseeing the operation of her popular “Monika Day Spa” in Beverly Hills…one of Monika’s passions is giving back to the community. During the year she often prepares home cooked meals, personally delivering them to people living on the streets of Los Angeles. She loves to cook and is exploring the idea of opening her own restaurant called “Monika la Cuisine” in which she is currently developing the menu.



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